How far have You gone with boosting Your cell phone and tablet? Maybe You didn’t know that the Bluetooth scanners can transform Your tablet or cell phone into an advanced scanning device. Therefore, let Us tell You more about Bluetooth OBD2 Scanner and how good it is. 

Clearly, the market is overwhelmed with a multiplication of these devices, so it’s very important to choose the right one. The Bluetooth OBD2 scanner has very useful and advanced features that can save You a fortune by detecting problems with Your car. So If You are considering a scanning device, choose the quality and reliable one.

To help You choose the best Bluetooth OBD2 scanner for Your vehicle with the best OBD2 app, keep reading and watch VIDEO tutorial in the end.

Which Bluetooth OBD2 scanner to choose?

blue driver
Lemur Blue driver

The Blue Driver Bluetooth OBD2 Scanner Tool for iPhone, iPad, and Android by Lemur Vehicle Monitors is a very quality OBD2 scanner. It offers best diagnostics for Your vehicle, trusted by numerous mechanics in North America. This scanner has every single specification found in expensive scan devices. Likewise, it use the advantages of your cell phone or tablet. Additionally, You don’t need to stress over the devices compatibility, because the Blue Driver Bluetooth OBD2 Scanner Tool is formally authorized and confirmed both for Apple and Android devices. In order to confirm their best interest for the clients, the Blue Driver Bluetooth OBD2 Scanner Sensor has a free install-able Blue Driver App. Together, they are working for the same purpose:

  • Read and Clear Codes
  • Smog Check
  • Mode 6 or Advanced Test Results
  • Live Data Reporting
  • Freeze Frame
  • Repair Reports

Specifications and features

blue driver
Blue Driver

What We truly love about the Blue Driver Bluetooth OBD2 Scanner Tool are the features You get for an exceptionally reasonable price.
The advantages are:

  • having an advanced and free application;
  • working well with both, Apple and Android devices;
  • having the capacity to work with vehicles from 1996 forward;
  • simple and helpful setup,
  • and its detailed diagnostics.

Finally, with the Blue Driver Bluetooth OBD2 Scanner we don’t need to stress what are the bothersome lights attempting to state.

If You want to know more about and how to use it, you can watch video by ChrisFix who is presenting the application of OBD2 Scanner in the vehicle. This practical representation will make You understand the benefits of this device in the right way.

Hope We helped You understand more about Bluetooth OBD2 Scanners. We would like to know what is Your experience with Bluetooth Scanner, so please leave Us a comment!

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