No matter how much you take good care of Your car, brake squeaking is inevitable. It is not something to panic about. It can only be a sign that You need to service Your brakes.

Brake parts

The importance of regular brakes

It is crucial to take care of Your brakes since they are one of the most important parts of the car. It allows a driver to slow down and sometimes halt in a moment’s notice, preventing the occurrence of grisly accidents. Brakes that does not work properly are a hazardous. This is because the brakes will not be able to do the proper work assigned to it. They will not be of service in case You need to have an emergency stop. And thats not something to play with.

Braking system

How can brake squeaking occur

Brake squeaking mostly happens when applied pressure causes friction between the Rotor (brake disk) and the brake pads.

Below are some of the reasons why brakes squeak and how to fix these problems by Yourself.

Common reasons for brake squeaking

Brake pads consist of a backing plate and a braking material. When Your brakes have been used over time, the braking material gets worn down and that is what causes the squeaks. The only way You can know if they are wearing out is by literally removing the tires and checking.

Brake discs (rotors) and brake pads

To avoid all that hustle, invest in quality brake pads that contain wear indicators. These wear indicators will start screeching as the brake material starts wearing down making you aware of the need to purchase new ones.

Brake pads with indicator

In the case of brake rotors, as the brake pads press against them, they begin to wear out. Brake rotors normally wear out in the middle leaving the edges. With time, the edges rust and when the brake pads come into contact with the rust, a squeaking sound is produced. This can, however, be minimized by scrubbing the edges with sandpaper. Do this to avoid them getting worn down to the cooling vanes.

Rusted edges on the brake disc (rotor)

If You want to see step by step instruction on how to change and service brakes, check this out: Change Brakes by Yourself


When dirt gets in the braking system, they are pressed onto the rotors by the pads. This causes grooves on the rotors.These groves can also be due to poor quality brake pads.

Brake disc (rotor) with grooves

Another reason for this is rusty rotors and brake pads. This is quite a common issue with cars that have not been driven for a while. Car is made to be driven, and whenever it sits a lot it can get some issues. Instead of buying new rotors and pads, You can use a sandpaper to scrape off the rust.

Brake disc after sitting for a while

A brake hardware facilitates the smooth sliding of the brake pad in the brake caliper. When the brake pads wear out, even the brake hardware will wear out. This causes a resistance between them and the pads are not able to slide smoothly. This causes brakes squeaking.

Brake hardwer

The best remedy for this is to get a metal wire brush and clean where your brake pads make contact with the caliper. And of course, change hardware once in a while.


Lack of proper lubrication in brake parts will cause the brakes to squeak. Using an anti-seize lubricant to lubricate between brake disc will prevent the brakes from squeaking. It is also advisable to lubricate the top of the brake hardware and the back of the brake pads.

Lubricating brake hardware

The best anti-seize to use is the copper anti-seize as compared to the granite anti-seize. This is because copper is malleable and will not break under pressure


The work of the dust shield is to prevent water and other dirt from getting into the braking system. The dust is however made of a bendable metal that may bend or rust over time causing the brakes to squeak. You can, however, decide to replace the dust shield to prevent any further brake squeaking.

All in all, diagnosing and fixing brake squeaking is not such a hard task.
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