Changing the entire bumper for a small crack is not a smart solution. You can simple repair it and restore its original look. Certainly, bumper repair will save time and there’s no need for costly purchase of replacement parts. Instead of waiting for replacement parts to arrive You can do it in one day. Of course, You can do the repair job in a shop, but why spending on something You can easily do?

Replacing or repairing Your bumper depends upon the degree of damage. The bigger the damage is, more chance You’ll have to replaced it. However, for smaller cracks, You can do the repair in a few easy steps.

There are numerous ways to fix the bumper crack and most common are:

  1. Plastic bumper repair kit
  2. Plastic bonder for bumpers
  3. Soldering iron (flat tip)

Whatever You choose to do You will also need:

  1. Body filler suitable for plastic (Flexible Plastic Putty)
  2. Different sandpapers grit
  3. Rubbing alcohol
  4. Primer for plastic
  5. Original spray paint
  6. Polish

Step by step instructions for bumper repair:

Preparing the bumper

Remove the bumper from the car. Little screw typically connect it with car body. Place it on the ground and clean the damage area with soapy water to remove any dirt and dust. Additionally, use rubbing alcohol and clean all remaing dirt from it.

Now it’s time to inspect the damaged area both from outside and inside. After You’re sure where the crack starts and ends, take 240 and 500 grit sandpapers and make the surface ready for repair. Clean it with alcohol and remove the dust.

 Soldering the crack

soldering the crack

Since You’re going to use soldering iron with flat tip, read the instructions if You’re not experienced with it. You will do it from the inner part of the bumper. Hold the bumper to join the two separated parts. You could use some help from the friend if the cracks is longer.

When the soldering iron is hot enough, melt the plastic across the crack and hold tight to connect two parts. Hold it until the repaired crack is cooled and switch off the soldering iron.

To strengthen the crack you can add plastic repair tape for bumper. Just glue it with soldering iron.

Body filler

body filler
Body filler

Body fillers are intended for small dings and smoothing out the warped panels. Read the instructions before mixing the body filler with hardener. If properly mixed, body filler will begin to thicken in 10-15 minutes, and be fully cured in 30. Be careful when choosing the body filler, because the incorrect type could show crack marks and scars. Before applying it, sand the surface with 240 grit sand paper. Then apply it in thin layer on the outside of the bumper to fill the crack.

Paint job – Primer, Paint and Clear coat

paint job

After 60 minutes you can proceed. Use 150, 240, 320 grit sandpapers to smooth the area. The goal is to have leveled and even surface, ready for Primer.

Apply Primer in 3 coats. Read the instructions to see how long it takes to be dry and what temperature is required. Continue with sanding it with 400 grit and soapy water to prepare it for the spray paint.

You can use a spray paint that have base coat and clear coat mix together, or use it separately, it’s up to You. Spray it in 2 coats or more, and leave it to be complete dry. Afterwards, put the bumper back. Use the polish the day after You finished the paint job.

If You didn’t understand the process, or You want to learn more about bumper repair, watch videos below to see different approaches. Maybe You are waiting for new bumper to arrive, so see how to fix bumper temporarily.

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