What is a Cabin Air Filter?

When You turn the heating or AC on, the warm or cool air comes from outside of Your vehicle. According to air quality where You live, the air in Your car or truck may not be perfect because of soil, smog or fumes from other vehicles around. Cabin air filters are intended to clean the air before You inhale it. The cabin air filter in Your car or truck makes driving friendlier, especially for sensitive persons and those with other respiratory issues.

cabin filter
Cabin filter

Nevertheless, when Your cabin air filter becomes filthy, it can cause respiratory troubles, distress, and bring down energy proficiency. We will like to teach You how to replace cabin air filter since it’s easy and quick to do.

When You need to Replace Cabin Air Filter?

The short answer is – replace it when it’s dirty. There are different things You can check: The first is an absence of air stream when You activate your heater or AC. The second sign are exhaust gases inside Your car when You drive. Replacing air filter will easily remove those smells.

Most manufacturers suggest replacement once per year or after 12,000 to 15,000 miles of driving. But, if You you drive in places with poor air quality, similar to the desert, or urban regions with pollution clouds, You may need to replace Your cabin air filter all the more often.

cabin filter
New and old cabin filter

How to Replace Cabin Air Filter?

You don’t need to go to the expert to replace cabin air filter since it ‘s not a difficult job. No special tools are required and it’s less difficult than an oil change. It includes:

  1. Buying a quality filter.
  2. Using Your car manual to find the cabin air filter. Also, Your manual can have directions concerning replacement of the cabin air filter.
    In some cars, the cabin air filters are located under the hood, while in others they’re under the dashboard or behind the glove compartment.
  3. Once You located it find glove box for air filter. Remove the latches holding the glove.
  4. Turn the glove box free to uncover the filter.
  5. Remove the dirty filter and replace it with another one.
  6. Reinstall your glove box.
cabin filter
Replacing cabin filter

After replacing cabin air filter, You may see that your heater and AC blow harder than before.

Advantages of Maintaining Your Cabin Air Filter:

  • Heating and AC are less struggling with a perfect filter, which improves their efficiency.
  • Hypersensitive persons see an improvement in their conditions while driving.
  • Drivers and travelers with respiratory issues will appreciate a more pleasant drive.
  • Smog or odd scents can be filtered out successfully.
  • The air from the street is loaded with toxins and pollution. Your vehicle’s cabin air filter removes contaminations and normal allergens, such as residue and dust, preventing You from inhaling it.

In case You find it hard to understand the service manual and cannot locate the cabin air filter easily, You can watch Humble Mechanic video and it will be a piece of cake. This video won’t only show You the easiest way to replace the cabin air filter, but also how to check if it needs to be changed.

Checking and replacing Cabin Air Filter by Humble Mechanic
cabin filter

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