There isn’t better way to save money and learn car maintenance basics than if You Change Engine Oil by Yourself. Once You learn how it works, You will do all the work in 15 minutes.

If You change Engine oil regularly on Your car, You can extend its life.
Engine is a heart of the car, and oil is like a blood so You get an idea of how important it is. New oil and filter will change the sound of Your engine and make it runs smoother.

Check Your car service manual to see what oil You should use. To understand more about engine oil and what symbols like SEA, ACEA, API and other means read Our detailed article about engine oils here.

Since the engine oil change is one of the most often jobs that Your car will need, it would be a good idea to keep the necessary tools in an easily accessible place. Chris Fix made awesome video about How to Change Engine Oil and You can watch it in the end of the article.

Engine oil and filter

Let’s Change Engine Oil

1. Turn on the engine and let it work for 15-20 minutes to reach normal operating temperature. As a result, all dirt will be suspended in oil.

2. Lift the car. It’s best to use a good jack and a solid safety jack stand or two platforms. Use the jack only to lift the front of the car and than secure it with stands. If You are not sure where to put jack stands check the user manual. Lock the rear wheels with a hand brake so that the car doesn’t move and place wooden blocks behind the rear wheels.

3. Place the container under the oil drain plug from the crankcase. The plug is located on an oil pan below the engine block. Loose and remove oil drain plug with appropriate size of the wrench.
Make sure that hot oil does not pour on Your hand when removing the opener. For safety wear rubber gloves.

4. Remove Engine Oil Cap for better oil flow and let it drain out of the crankcase (about 10 minutes). Then screw the opener back into the place and tighten it with the wrench.

Engine oil change

5. In order to remove the filter, You will need special tools.
Remove it by putting the tool around the filter and turn it. Make sure to drain the oil from oil filter housing. Since this is the most toxic oil in cars system, We recommend You to replace the oil filter every time You change the oil. This way You will have a clean oil throught the system, and the new filter will keep it that way.

Change oil filter:

1. It’s important to fill new oil filter with new engine oil.
After that You can put on thin layer on the rubber on the filter. This way You will remove filter easier the next time.  You do not need a key to put it back, because the oil filter should be tightened by hand.

Engine oil filter

2. Add new oil in motor. It is the best to use as much oil as Your car manufacturer  recommends.

3. Turn on the engine. Wait 10-15 sec until the warning light turns off. Do not give full gas. After the engine has been running for a few minutes, turn off the car and after 5 minutes, check the oil level. It should be somewhere between minimum and maximum dot on the oil dip stick, closer to the maximum.

After that don’t forget to write down the mileage when You changed the oil and filter. According to oil viscosity, brand, quality and most important manufacturer recommendation, You can calculate when will You need to change it again.

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