Is it true that Facebook is down? Instagram pictures doesn’t work?

Facebook is down, officialy

It is not time for panic, but few hours ago two most famous social media apps in the world just stopped working. And as we are informed, it is happening in the whole world. Something bad is going on.

When we heard that Facebook is down, we were shocked little bit, how can the strongest social media house allow such an error. And how long it will last???

It’s not the 1st time that Facebook is down

Facebook is down

On the 26th of June the first issues started. As users reported there were 44% of total blackouts, 40% of Newsfeed errors and 14% of Log in issues.
And it just continued. On the 27th the number of errors continued to grow. Until today, 3rd of July, since 8:04 AM EDT Facebook is down. And Instagram doesn’t work neither. Pictures cant’t be seen or posted, stories doesn’t upload. Videos doesn’t work…

Digital businesses in crise?

Facebook Log in option on other websites

What is going on, and what should we do? So many busnisses are built on this platforms, Facebook is involved in almost every e-commerce business. As a Log in service, or marketing tool. And imagine all of this small and big businesses that relied on them, invested in brend awareness through facebook ads… They are on hold right now, waiting helpless in their office and praying for good ending of this drama.

Facebook ads

Instagram doesn’t work

Instagram is down

“Dear Influencers, We are very sorry that You put so much work in last years to build Your personal brand, but You might start looking for a “real” job.” If it continues like this, this might be letter that You get from instagram. Are we to dependent of the social media? Not just in an entertaining way, but are we building our future on something that can colapse in one day? Would like to hear what do You think in the comments.

Advantages of the Social Media

Social Media Marketing

It wasn’t long time ago when this platforms didn’t exist, so We lived without them too. But of course living with this apps gives Us many advantages. They become important part of our lives. With them We got easy acces to everything. Contacting with friend from another part of the world, watching daily routine of our favourite actor or player, shopping,… Everything got a new dimension and We accepted this improvement gladly.

What if…

But what if… We don’t want even to mention it, we hope that “Facebook is down” crise will end soon and that We can all continue enjoying all these features again. But just imagine what would happen with world economy, communication, media transparency,… It would hurt a lot of people, companies, countries,…

Pray together for “Facebook is down” crise to finish

In the end, we all love to share those moments with friends & family, even with some strangers that might become our closest friends.
So let’s pray together, for all the people that earn for a living from Facebook and all of us that want to continue “normal life” on social media.

Mark Zuckenberg

Mark Zuckenberg, We hope You got it!

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