There are a couple of approaches how to paint brake calipers. Firstly, You can buy a high temperature paint for metal or specific paint for calipers. You will probably need a can, brake cleaner and a brush. In case Your brakes have wide calipers, You might need to purchase two cans. Be creative and mix two different colors. Your calipers are going to be original and unusual!

In spite of brush-on painting adventure, You can use spray paint as opposed to. It will work just fine, yet it’s good to be aware that (non spray) paint is resistant to high temperatures. Try not to use ordinary spray paint, which may piece off. It’s better to purchase a clear, high-temperature spray to paint brake calipers. Meaning, be careful when purchasing spray paint and read all instructions before it!

Getting ready to Paint Brake Calipers:

Obviously, You’re excited to paint brake calipers, but don’t simply make a dive without planning. This is what You need to prepare in order to begin:

  • A protected method to lift Your car and remove every one of the four wheels. This implies jack stands. Try not to hold back individually security.
  • Goggles, safety mask and rubber gloves  
  • Paint
  • A cleaner that removes oil – rubbing alcohol
  • Brake cleaner
  • A little paintbrush, if not using spray paint
  • Paper towels, covering tape, plastic sheet and whatever else You have to cover from paint going where You don’t need it. In case You’re utilizing spray paint, remember it can travel exceptionally far. Cover everything.
  • Sandpaper 230 and 800 grit, a wire brush

Cleaning and preparing Brake Calipers:

To start, set the emergency brake and lift the car safely on Your floor jack or jack stands. Remove the wheels.

Some people paint it without removing the brakes from the wheel, but in that case You have to be extra careful because paint could damage Your wheels and paint places You don’t want. Since You are going to paint brake calipers a like a pro, remove the brake caliper from the wheels, and brake pads. You don’t want to paint them because it may affect the braking process.

Since You’re removing brake pads, this is good time to check them pads and replace if needed. Read and watch video on how to change brake pads and discs.

Brake line won’t allow high far movement, so find a box to place them near without damaging it. Take a garbage bag to protect wheels and other part of Your car body. Most important advice is: Clean, clean, clean.

brake calipers

Cleaning and preparing Brake Calipers

Start with metal brush and remove any rust and dirt. Be patient since it will affect the final paint look.  You can’t get a smooth paint surface except You begin with a smooth surface. Be sure not to brush the rubber part and brake pistons. If You want to do it like a pro clean the inner part as well and be very detailed. After, spray with brake cleaner and let it to dry.

Next step is to use sandpaper. Start with 230 and proceed to 800 grit. Again, spray with brake cleaner.

Painting the Brake Calipers

Before starting to paint clean the surface with the rubbing alcohol. Let it dry and begin. Again, read the instruction on paint can before using. Look for the temperature range. Apply 3 or more coats of paint, wait 5-10 minutes between the coats.

painting brake calipers
Painting the brake calipers

If You are applying spray paint it will probably be dry in one hour. But with non-spray paint You should probably wait more. For some paints You may wait for 24 hour before placing them back. It can seem dry, but ends up with scars if placed too soon.

Put the brake pads back and secure the brake calipers on the wheels. And the job is done! If You need additional informations watch the video of the expert Chris Fix. You can see all the details You weren’t able to understand.

brake calipers
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brake calipers

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