You can paint wheels in any color you want just follow steps in  this article!

You like car detailing and You are always checking is there more to add style to Your car? Maybe Your old car needs refreshment? Paint wheels and You will see the magic transformation.

Not only that Your car will look better, You will also help prevent wheels from rusting. Some may prefer hubcaps, but this way You can choose Your own color and be proud to do it Yourself. You could do this in a shop, but save money and have fun doing it on Your own. All you need are some common tools and patience!

This is a list of what you need to paint wheels, so let’s begin! 

  • metal wire brush

  • gloves and eyeglasses for protection 

  • alcohol 10%

  • paper cards

  • tire shine gel 

  • spray primer 

  • spray paint 

There are 4 SIMPLE STEPS to paint wheels, and it will take You approximately two-three hours to do all 4 wheels.

1. Smooth the surface

This step is very important because every scratch will show up trough paint. To smooth the surface You will need metal wire brush. For deep scratches you can use 400 grit sandpaper or 120 grit flat discs angle grinder (or dremel). If you don’t have angle grinder or metal bush You can use 400 grit sandpaper, than 600, 800, and 1000 grit to make it smooth. But it will take You longer, especially with steel rims. Wear gloves and eyeglasses for protection. Be patient and smooth every angle and corner, with special precaution not to damage the tire if You haven’t removed it.

2. Clean off the wheels

Clean the rims with soap and water, and after drying give it another cleaning with rubbing alcohol and paper towel until you’re sure it’s perfectly clean.

3. Paint wheels with a primer

In order to protect tire from being painted use tire shine gel. Apply it on the tire and be careful not to touch the rim because than the paint will not stick to it.  Clean with alcohol if you do.

Next, you will protect the tire with paper cards sticking it between tire and rim (watch video below to see how).
Protect the valve with glove finger or other. As you will see on video, Chris advises you to put the primer in hot water. It will have better spray patterns and less orange peel. Start spraying the little away from it and move closer. After applying first coat wait 5 minutes and then apply second one. Wait 5 minutes and spray final coat. Be sure you applied it from every angle. Leave it to dry for 15 minutes.

4. Paint wheels

Just like primer put the color spray in hot water to get warm. Apply 3 coats of paint from every angle. Wait 5 minutes between the coats. It will take two hours to dry.

If you want to give it extra shine, wait for 30 minutes and repeat the same procedure with clearcoat.

Admire to your brand new wheels!

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