Mate Rimac, the CEO of Rimac Automobili has changed the history of the electric cars.  His first self build electric sports car, Rimac Concept One, is overall remarkable creation.  They achieved much more since their first model and hopefully will bring more of exciting improvements and innovations.

Rimac Automobili & Rimac Concept One

Rimac Concept One – electric hyper car

The Rimac Concept One is an all-electric battery powered sports car built in 2011. With a curb weight of 1850 kg, and a power of 960 kW (1,288 hp), the Rimac Concept One can reach 60 mph from a standstill in 2.6 seconds and continue to accelerate to the limit of 221 mph (355 km/h). 92 kWh of energy in the Battery modules deliver enough thrust to permit a 600 km of range. This amazing project showed that electric cars can do much better and that the newest technologies are yet being undiscovered.

Designed with passion

Interior design sketch

The design of the car is stating classic not extravagant shape like Lamborghini. Main inspiration for the design is a double curved line on the side which comes together in the back of the car forming a never ending line. It is a symbol of tie (a cravat) which by some sources has a Croatian origin. The design shows classy lines, well sculptured surfaced and sharp accents to give a specific understatement to aesthetically compete with other cars on the markets.

Rimac Concept One interior

Performance updates

Updated version is Concept S,  a lighter, more powerful and more aerodynamic, track-oriented built in 2016. The four electric motors can produce power of 1,032 kW (1,384 hp), enabling the Concept S to accelerate from 0–60 mph (0–100 km/h) in just 2.5 seconds and reach a top speed of 365 km/h (227 mph).

Rimac vs Bugatti Veyron

Public reaction

The Rimac Concept One was also introduced at the 2012 Paris Concours d’Elegance, where it received a positive response by the general public and potential customers. The car was set to cost of US$ 980,000 once the production started in 2013. A limited production of 8 units was to be offered. The first car was delivered to an anonymous Spanish customer in January 2013.

Richard Meaden wrote in EVO: “Of all the emerging players, Croatian-based Rimac Automobili is by far the most interesting, the most authentic and, to my mind, the most evo. A leader in battery and electric-motor technology, its Rimac Concept One hypercar impressively showcases the fruits of its labours, with a huge amount of the car done in-house. If Rimac’s own Concept One becomes a production reality it could well be a game-changer – the Tesla of the hypercar world.”

Rimac Concept One vs LaFerrari

The Grand Tour 

The crew of Amazon Prime show The Grand Tour talked about the car in 2017 shortly after Richard Hammond’s crash. Jeremy Clarkson, in a column for The Times, called it “amazing” and “brilliant”, and stated that during his brief time behind the wheel he “couldn’t believe how fast it accelerated”, adding “we’re not talking here about something that’s as fast as Lamborghini Aventador. It is massively faster than that. It is faster than anything else I’ve ever driven by a huge, huge margin.” Richard Hammond, when asked for his take on the car during an interview session for DriveTribe, said he “loved it, it was astonishing”, maintaining it had “proper ambition in terms of range” and describing its all-wheel torque vectoring system as “breathtaking”.

Rimac vs Aventador & NSX

He further commented that it “felt genuinely futuristic and modern” and that “we are going to have to invent a whole new vocabulary … for the sounds these things make”. James May described it as an “exquisite pearl with electrical delicacy”.

This car is outstanding in every way, but story about inventor and company behind this car is even more interesting and extraordinary. Make sure to read this article about Mate Rimac & Rimac Automobili and find out what great talent, passion and hard work can do!

Richard Hammond crash in Rimac Concept One

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