Every car needs strut replacement every once in a while. Struts hold pressure of entire car load and help the wheels to be stable on the road. They absorb vibrations when driving on uneven surface and prevent jumping, or loss of balance. After 60,000 to 80,000 kilometers You should probably consider struts replacement and definitely check their condition.

After reading this guide and watching the video You will be able to do front strut replacement by Yourself in approximately two to three hours. What will You need? You’ll require rust penetrate fluid,different kind of wrenches, a stick punch or huge screwdriver, and a thin pressed wood, breaker bar, a car jack, hammer and other common tools, as well as new struts! 

Some of important and useful tools You can find online:

Why Strut Replacement?

Because bad struts will cause problems in other parts of Your car, such as tires, arm bushings, ball joints, stabilizer bar, links, tie rod… But, most important they are very dangerous on the road because they also increase braking distance. You will brake a lot longer than before.

How to test struts?

If You are thinking about good old “bounce test”, don’t forget in some cases, warn struts can pass this test. Relay on physical examinations and road test. When You’re replacing struts do both sides at once, not separately.
This is what You should look for before strut replacement:

  •  They’re leaking. A light layer of oil close to the highest point of the strut is OK, yet if You notice oil leak down the side of the strut it implies a crack.
  •  Front end jumping when You brake
  •  It’s difficult to keep Your car straight on the uneven streets and curves.
  •  Your tires demonstrate proof of ‘measuring’- shallow holes in the tires
  •  The strut boot is harmed or the strut body is imprinted.

Begin with Strut replacement

1. Removing the old strut

Jack the car from one side and remove the wheel. Now when You can access the strut, You can use penetrating oil to easy remove the strut. Place it on the knuckle and two bolts which You will need to remove. Wait couple minutes and begin.

First thing You need to remove is the brake line that is connected to the strut. Use the screw driver to pop it. Find the ABS connector and disconnected it.

Now remove the bolt near the knuckle, and other one in upper side of strut which connect sway bar end link with suspension. Jack the suspension to remove the sway bar if the angle isn’t right. Separate the knuckle from the strut by tapping it with hammer, be careful not to damage anything around.

Open the hood and find bolts that hold top of the strut in place. To be sure You match the same alignment when You put new strut in, use marker to mark bolts spots. In some cases these bolts don’t have fixed positions, and it can be complicated to replace them at the exact same position. This way You can avoid any complications.
Now strut is free and finally You can remove the old strut from the car.

strut remove
strut remove
Strut mount

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2. Replace the old strut with new one

Before You install new strut it is good to compare it with the old one. When You are sure that it is the same part, You can start the replacement.

Use metal brush to remove the dirt from the knuckle before putting the new strut in. First secure top of the strut with bolts above the wheel (under the hood) only by hand. Lubricate the bolts with thread locker in order to prevent the rust and vibrations. Don’t tighten them yet. Align the strut with knuckle and push it with jack until it fits perfectly. Put the bolt on the knuckle back (don’t forget to lubricate it with thread locker). When the strut is in the place put the sway bar end link back and tighten the bolt.  Connect the ABS wire and put the brake line in place. Remove the jack and tighten the bolt from upper side. And the job is done!

Here is the video of amazing ChrisFix for everyone who are looking forward to learn the easiest way to replace the struts.
We highly recommend it to ones that never done this before.  

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