If you want to remove or replace Your car’s transmission, there are steps that You have to go through. You may not have been privileged to learn how to do it before, but You have no reason to worry since this article shares a step by step guide on how to replace a transmission.

Do You want to know how the transmission works? Simply, the transmission converts the force of the engine into a controlled source of power. It links the engine to the wheels and converts the engine’s high power into a rotational force that is then transferred to the wheels to rotate them. So without the transmission Your vehicle wont be able to move.

Manual transmission

Here are some of the things You will need:

  • wrench set,
  • a jack with stands (hoist or hydraulic),
  • transmission fluid,
  • shop towels,
  • gloves,
  • protective eyewear,
  • fluid drain pan,
  • drop light,
  • magnetic plate for bolts and nuts organizing,
  • transmission jack
  • and an assistant.
  1. First, you need to wear protective eyewear and gloves. Position your car on a concrete surface and jack lift it to access the transmission.
Protective eyewear and gloves

2. Detach the negative battery cable to avoid electrical short circuits. And remove the exhaust system to access the transmission.

Detach negative battery cable

3. Then remove the driveshaft mounting bolts and gently pull it forward and down to detach it from the differential. Locate the driveshaft mounting bolts and remove them to loosen the driveshaft.

Porche Panamera drve shaft and mounting bolts

4. Remove the driveshaft from the vehicle.

Removing drive shaft

5. Get hold of the U or CV joint. Rotate it, and if You notice some rough spots, it requires replacement.

6. Place a transmission jack under transmission case and slightly raise it to lift the transmission mount.

Transmission jack

7. Unbolt the transmission crossmember to loosen it. Note that half the weight of the transmission is currently supported by the jack.  

Transmission crossmember

8. Hold the transmission cross member and remove it from the body.

9. Place a wooden block between the engine pan and the jack to support the engine. Slowly jack up the jack for the wood to compress but slightly.

Supporting engine with wooden block

10. Now you can remove all wiring connectors and also the shifting linkage or plate (in some vehicles)

Shifting linkage

11. If the starter motor is mounted to the transmission bell housing, You must remove it.

Removing starter motor

12. Carefully push the retainer clip form the clutch hydraulic line at the bell house, grab the line and remove it from the slave cylinder and insert a rubber cap to stop fluid from leaking.

Clutch line & retaining clip

13. Remove all engine plate bolts from the bell housing.

14. At this far, You have removed everything on and around the transmission. Mounting bolts from the engine to the bell housing need to be removed by use of the breaker bar.

15. To get access to the bolts of the upper bell housing, direct the extension over the top of the transmission and remove the bolts.

16. Make sure; only two bell house bottom bolts are left. You can use a flashlight.

17. Reposition the jack and attach safety chains around the case. Now you can remove the bottom bolts.

18. Now keep the transmission steady to lower it. And inspect the engine rear for damage, the flywheel, and the clutch.

19. Position repaired or new transmission on the jack and raise it into position behind the engine ensuring an equal gap between the engine and the transmission.

20. The gap will lessen as the input shaft pushes through the clutch disc, push and wiggle the transmission into its position.

21. When the input shaft is in its position, the gap will eventually begin close.

22. Install bolts on both sides as you keep the gap even. Ensure you install bell housing bolts properly. But you can add a piece of paper to wedge and install upper transmission bolts.

23. Remove rubber cap and push it back to the secondary cylinder and reinstall starter motors plus replace cable and wiring. Reroute and install transmission wiring and connector to the VSS. Also, reinstall bolts and nuts of shifter and strut rod.

24. Jack up the transmission and reinstall transmission cross member bolts and nuts.

25. Lower the jack; reinstall the following; transmission mount bolts and nuts, driveshaft by sliding the spline into the transmission, and the exhaust system.

26. Inspect and refill transmission fluid, and ensure all bolts are in place.

27. Lower the car, reconnect the battery and refill the clutch fluid reservoir.


You can now test your car. In case you hear any weird noises or sounds, know that your car may need some more inspection. However, if you follow this guide properly, you will eventually replace your car’s transmission successfully.